The winding process

A paper reel consists of a winding support around which the paper is wrapped. The paper reel is the packaging used for all types of paper used to print printed documents.

MD Coupe is specialized in paper winding. >> See the machine park 

The storage


A paper reel is very easily damaged due to improper handling.

Shocks and packaging quality can influence the damage received by a reel. Also the handling, transport, and especially the storage have a huge influence on the quality of the reel.

MD Coupe is a storage capacity of 2000T.

The shaping

It is the cutting of coils to the required dimensions. MD Coupe offers you a range of services with reel or formatting.

MD Coupe is also a special care and 50 years of experience in packaging, cutting, slitting all types of paper, special papers, laminated papers…

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